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Coastal Cottage Landscape

The owners of this Anacortes residence wanted to make their landscape their own. The soil quality and plantings installed by the home builder were very basic and lacked coherence. Many plants were not thriving, others were overgrown for their spaces, and plantings were scattered instead of part of a unified gesture.

PLA started the project with a complete inventory of all plantings on site and discussions about the intended look and feel of the new plantings. The house, being close to the saltwater, matched well with a northwest beach aesthetic, plus additions that would add a little more of the color and seasonal fun that the couple was accustom to back in the Midwest. We also wanted to use any existing plants that could work in the new design. All transplants were marked with plant tags and noted on the plan in the current and future locations. All plants for removal were also tagged in a different color and noted on the plans.

The new planting design was created with a couple of hardscape and walkway/access updates that were also needed to organize the space better and make it easier to get around. The installation of the plantings went easily due to the detail shown on the plans and the resulting garden was a just right mix of larger more modern swaths of NW saltwater beach plants, and more traditional accent plantings. The new plants will grow to be appropriately sized in their locations, reducing long term pruning maintenance. The choices are also drought tolerant to reduce irrigation demands once established.

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