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Ridgemont Park Playground

The redesign of this existing Bellingham park playground included play equipment, fall surfacing, drainage, and increased access. The budget for the project was tight, so we made best use of the existing site features that were working well in the space and included them in the new layout. We listened to what the community wanted as volunteers at the community outreach event, and revised the design several times to provide the best outcome that included what the community wanted, what the site called for, and what the budget could accommodate.

Improved universal access from the sidewalk paired with berms that utilized excavated materials on-site to make a more meaningful primary entrance connection. A gracious curved play header curb grounded the play structure in a much more aesthetic way to the existing grades and natural play features. New swings and a popular swinging disc feature were sized to fit within the existing retaining wall space to conserve cost on play surfacing and walls. Site disturbance was limited to reduce the amount of budget going towards stormwater compliance. The resulting playground included elements that the community wanted, maximized the budget, and provided access for all.

This project was completed while working with The Philbin Group Landscape Architecture.

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