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Capitol Hill Apartments

The new Courtyard L apartments at 12th Avenue and E John Street are in the heart of capitol hill. 4 single family homes which had fallen into disrepair were demolished to make way for 51 units of housing in an area already well mixed with multi and single family homes. The project, while controversial because of the City's requirement for no parking in the area, adds many units of much needed housing in an area close to strong transit connections of many types.

The street arrangement and setback on this project allowed for an unusually large front yard. We were able to design a landscape that complimented the irregular facade with varied narrow tree placement and multiple layers of planting. Vertical green walls, trellis features and stormwater bioretention planters fit in and around several landscape areas. The main entrance features a lush entryway that focuses on an internal large tree courtyard. Planters, benches and meeting space provide an active ground floor circulation area. Units are accessed by outdoor covered hallways, making this project a stand-out garden-focused building utilizing a successful design concept, used quite commonly in the past.

This project was completed while working with The Philbin Group Landscape Architecture.

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