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Yobi Apartments

The Yobi Apartments are located near Seattle Univeristy. They are a micro-housing model which provides small units and large communal spaces to maximize occupancy, which in turn minimizes rent. This project provides a strong example of how nice and community oriented this type of housing can be. For people that spend more time out and about, but want to pay less for their living space without sacrificing a clean, health, and stylish space, this building provides the perfect option.The building acheived a 4 star Built Green rating.

The landscape acheived the required 0.6 Green Factor score, integrated stormwater features, and provided small terrace spaces for residents. New street trees, properly sized and located, will add bulk and cover to the urban forest habitat. Privacy plantings at the rear of the building will help screen first floor units from community terraces. The terraces are all ADA accessible and feature permeable paving.

Photos courtesy of Neiman Taber Architecture.

This project was completed while working with The Philbin Group Landscape Architecture.

Photos From Yobi Apartments

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