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Hamilton Building

This project was in parnership with Neiman Taber Architects and created a wonderful multi-use space on a site that had sat vacant for over a decade in the neighborhood between Madison Park and Capitol Hill. The building is very open to light and features retail units on the first floor that follow the steep grade along Madison St. The resident entry is around on the quieter side of the building, activation all sides of the building. The landscape at the street level features large street trees that utilize Silva Cells to gain non-compacted rooting area and extend the expected lifespan of the trees. The rest of the street plantings are durable, utilize varied textures and blooms, and maintain site distance views for two busy roadways. An especially wide planting area on Denny St gave room for multiple layers of plantings.

A large rooftop terrace includes great views for residents of the building, and spaces for many types of gathering. Plantings in large containers, extensive green roof areas, flowering trees, and kitchen and firepit gathering areas  were all a part of the concept plan. A solar array on the south facing roof creates a portion of power for the building.

Building Renderings by Neiman Taber Architects

This project was completed while working with The Philbin Group Landscape Architecture.

Photos From Hamilton Building

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