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Memorial Park Master Plan

Pacific Landscape Architecture provided continuing services to the City of Sedro-Woolley for the Master Plan of their central Memorial Park. The park was dedicated as a green space for children in the 1950’s. The park’s original master plan was never completed, so there was an opportunity to update the plan to accommodate improved access and modern play elements such as a spray park, while being sensitive to the original intentions of the civic space.

The site includes a public library, senior center, community center and playground, and is within close walking distance to most of the homes in the central old town neighborhoods. We worked to provide the best possible outcomes balancing project budget and design intent. Community desires for the play elements helped to refine the playground and spray park elements utilizing a more landform-based play space and mountain to beach concept. A central village green in phase 2 brings back the original concept of a green playfield for children but does so in a way that other community events can also utilize the area in formal and informal ways. Engagement of residents of all ages is an important goal since the senior center, community center, and play space all exist here. The addition of terraces off the community center and senior center allow for outdoor activities and activate the park space. The formality of the square village green also retains the civic feel central to the park’s history.

Phasing of the implementation is also being developed to meet available financing. As further phasing is defined, PLA remains committed to develop phasing recommendations that maintains the highest level of accessibility and safety in each phase. Ease of maintenance and preservation of remaining existing features have also been key in the phasing recommendation process.

Regular communication with the City’s project manager, park’s staff, public works office, and mayor’s office have been critical to keep the planning moving forward with positive consensus. All schedule and budget benchmarks have been met by PLA on this project.

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